FDG Estudio Inmobiliario proposes its “savoir-faire” with a real assistance (search of suppliers, agrarian engineer, irrigation system, management for the construction ) to build your own vineyard in Argentina.

Our services:

Properties research: we have many productive properties on sale and virgin lands for production.
In relation to your needs, we also may search properties for you in Mendoza (San Rafael, Tunuyàn…).

Jury assistance: we help you in each step related to the owed and sale of properties.
•    Reports, Domain, Inhibition, tax duties
•    Contract writings

Production advice:
•    Soil study: we work with INTA engineers
•    Economic insurance of your inversion
•    Suppliers of input: plants, irrigation, wood, tools.

Fines administration:
 we are dedicated to doing the completely developing of the wine production.
•    Vineyard key on
•    Productive administration
•    Organic Sense